The S-13 form can be accessed from any of the following menus:

  • Printing tab and S-13 menu under the Distribution grouping
  • Allocation tab and S-13 menu under the Printing grouping

The first section determines how you want to view the report; display report on the screen (Print Preview), send directly to the default printer (Quick Print) or save directly as an electronic file (Save as PDF)

Note: You can print from the Print Preview by clicking Preview tab and clicking Quick Print (to send to the default printer) or Print Dialog (to select a different printer). You can also save as PDF from the Print Preview option by clicking the PDF button in the Print Preview tab

The second section lets you decide if you want to have the last one checkout at the top or at the bottom.

Change the number of rows if a column overflows to the next. The number of rows may vary from printer to printer, so you can adjust according to your needs.

The Group by territory type allows you to determine the order of the territory numbers. If unchecked, they will be displayed by territory number; if checked, they will be group by house-to-house, phone, business, etc.

The Include events allows you to decide if special events, such as memorial, survey, campaigns are to be included in the S-13 report

Note: Many circuit overseers accept S-13 in electronic format, but you may still want to confirm the arrangement in your country

Applies to version or later