Verification is located under the Website tab, and Database grouping

Addresses added or modified on the website are displayed in the Verification window, in order to allow the territory servant to make modifications. For example: If the publisher indicated the language in the comments field instead of the language dropdown list, or if the street name was misspelled, etc.

  • The 1st row displays the latest information, as entered on the website. For newly added addresses, the street name is displayed in blue if the street name does not exist in the database, to facilitate finding spelling mistakes.Note: The buttons in the first row work the same way as the Complete List module.
  • The 2nd row displays the information before the synchronisation. The fields that were modified are indicated in orange
  • The 3rd row indicates if the address was added, if added does it if already exists. And for modified addresses, it display Information before synchronisation

The information is populated automatically when synchronising. If there are new addresses to be verified, the user is prompted Do you wish to verify the information?, clicking Yes opens the Verification window. The list remains even after closing the window. The addresses are removed from the list only once the Verified button is clicked for one address, or the Verification Completed button is clicked, which removes ALL addresses from the list.

If you have new addresses:

  • Click on the Geocodes button, it will allow to catch duplicated addresses if the street name is spelled differently, and it will also allow to assign to the correct territory number if you maps defined
  • Click on the Territory number button, it will verify that each address is assigned to the correct territory.Note: You can also verify the territory number for one address at the time by clicking on the binocular icon to the left of the territory number.

Click on the Verified button to remove the address from the list after you have accepted the changes, or click on the Verification Completed to remove all addresses from the list. Note: Closing the window does not remove the addresses, they will remain until verified.

Applies to version 5.0.0038 or later