Geocoding best practices

Geocoding services are flexible to a certain degree when it comes to street name, missing city or any other information. But there are certain information in Multi-Terr that you may add to improve accuracy.

Congregation Information Indicate the City, Province or State and Country in the Congregations module. Note: if your territory covers multiple provinces, leave the field blank and add the province in the Territories module (using the City Field)

Territory Information If the city for the territory is different than the city in the Congregations module, indicate it in the Territories module

Address Information If the city for the address is different than the city in the Territories module, indicate it in one of the addresses module

Street Name The closest the spelling of the street matches the way Google spells it, the more accurate the geocoding will be

Note: To improve accuracy when multiple addresses are returned by the geocoding service, Multi-Terr verifies which addresses are within the congregation boundaries. So having your congregation boundaries defined or imported can improve accuracy

Applies to version 5.0.0038 or later