Web Users

 Web users are managed from the Users module under the Website tab.

Publishers do not require login credentials, but you can create an unlimited number of users that may have access to territory management functions such as distributing territories, adding new addresses, managing publisher information.You can set different rights for different users

Why create individual users: The advantage of creating users instead of giving the admin login and password to different individuals is that it allows 1) to restrict or limit access to certain information (admin users have access to all information) 2) if the user moves or responsibilities change, access can be easily removed 3) the password may be changed without affecting any of the assigned territories.

Play the video for more details on how to create a new user

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Once created a user cannot be deleted but you can remove access by 1) changing the password and/or 2) Clicking the Deny Access to all module button

Important Note: The main difference between the password used by individual users and the password set in the Password module, is that that Password module is the full Administrator password that controls not only the website but all QR code and emails links.

Changing the Administrator password will disabled all previously printed QR code or email sent, only use if that is your objective or when configuring the site for the first time

Applies to version 5.0.0042 or later