Add a new publisher

There are multiple methods to enter publishers; below are the different available methods

Large number of publishers

If you have a large number of publishers to enter, the best method is to use the import feature. The template is available in the folder c:\multi-terr\import and the file importPublishers.xls. You can enter name, email and phone number.

Once your file is completed, you can import by going to the Import menu under that Distribution tab, or the Publishers menu under that Import/Export tab tab.

From the desktop application

You may enter one publisher at the time by using one of the following methods:

1) List menu under the Distribution tab: Enter the new publisher information on the last line that is empty, or click on the New button in the Edit tab to bring you directly to an empty line

2) Publishers menu under the Distribution tab: Click on the New button, then fill out the new publisher's information

From the web application

By clicking the Publishers menu and Add New button

Enter the information and click on the Add new publisher button when completed

Regardless of the prefered method, to have the new publisher available on both the desktop and web applications, click on the Synchronise menu under the Website tab

Applies to version 5.0.0043 or later