Exchange with Multi-Terr 5 users

 Exchange between congregations that are both using Multi-Terr version 5

The transfer is done automatically when you assign a language to an address. It is not required to have the foreign congregation contact information.


  • The latitude/longitude must be set for the address (the geocode is updated when modifying the language)
  • The receiving congregation must have defined their congregation boundaries (The addresses belonging is to the receiving congregation is determine based on their boundaries and language)
  • The two congregations must not be test databases

Read more on setting up exchange between congregations

Additions information

When automatically receiving addresses from another congregation, the application detects the territory number based on territory maps or based on existing addresses. If the territory number cannot be automatically detected, then the territory number is set to ^TEMP^ and displayed in the Validation module.

Applies to version 5.1.0001 or later