Importing a map

How to import a map

You may the excel template shown in the video to import a territory map. The import file contains 3 columns; Territory number, latitude, longitude. Note: the video was made with version 4; in version 5 you can use the menus Import/Export tab and Maps menu, or the Import button under the Home tab and Territories menu.

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Advanced Users

You may use the following method to convert your own KMZ or KML file

  1. Upload the KML/KMZ File onto the site
  2. Choose the radio button CSV- Excel and click the Export button
  3. Highlight only the lines with the geocodes and copy them to Excel
  4. In excel; select the Data tab, and the option Text to Columns
  5. Uncheck the Tab box and check the Comma box. Click the Finish button.
  6. Copy/paste the columns into the Multi-Terr Import Excel file. Important Note: most KMZ display longitude and latitude; but the file the columns are in a different order, latitude and longitude

Note: You may import multiple territories within the same Import Excel file