Territories is located under the Home tab, and Territories grouping

The Territories module is used to create territory numbers, create and print maps, upload maps to website and more


How to create a territory

and how to modify the territory number and how to use the doors button 

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How to sort the street names

and set the pin numbers 

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How to create maps

or modify, using Google Maps or manually by entering address or intersection

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How to save maps

with QR code, in card or 8.5x11 format, and uploading to website

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How to print maps

with QR code, on card or 8.5x11 format

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How to delete a territory

with or without associated addresses

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How to import a map

from a converted KMZ or KML file

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  • The SEARCH field allows you to find an existing territory
  • The NEW button creates a new territory (the maximum length is 6 characters)
  • The LIST button opens the Color module, which shows all the existing territories along with additional information
  • The TERR # field allows you to change a territory number (all addresses are automatically modified at the same time)
  • The TERRITORY NAME field is optional but can be used to group multiple territories, useful for special campaigns. For example, if 001 and 002 have T01 has a name, you can print both territories under one.
  • The CITY field, even though optional, is recommended to fill out. This is used to narrow down the closest location when detecting the latitude and longitude
  • The TYPE field is to define what type of territory, house-to-house, telephone, etc. When printing territories, the numbers are shown by type
  • The DOORS button displays all addresses associated to the territory. The window shown is determined by the selection done in the Search window
  • The STREETS button, allows you to define the order the streets are printed and shown on the screen. Useful especially for territories covering large areas (by default streets are ordered alphabetically)
  • The RESET button, assigns a pin number to each address. The pin numbers are sorted by street name, odd/even and civic number
  • The SETUP (MAP) button opens Google maps on a browser. It allows you to define or modify the territory boundaries
  • The IMPORT button is clicked after defining your map. It can also allow you to import a KMZ file (see video) for more details
  • The COPY button, copies the boundaries of another territory. Useful when dividing a territory
  • The FILL COLOR field allows you to define the map color (you can also define the color in Color module)
  • The SETUP (MANUAL) button allows you to define a map by entering an address or intersection. Also allows to delete or switch points on a map



 The radion buttons and check boxes on the left are connected to the buttons on the right. When a button on the right is clicked, the items selected on the left are executed

  • USE FILTER FROM PRINTING MODULE allows to decide which addresses to include on a map
    • The DETAILS button gives the information that was selected in the Printing module, so that your maps and your house-to-house records match
  • UPLOAD MAPS TO WEBSITE copies the map to the web. A code must be requested from the Options module. You can also upload from the UPLOAD and PRINTING modules.
  • DISPLAY MAP IN A WEB BROWSER will show in your default browser the information according to the button you selected on the right
  • DISPLAY MAP FOR CREATING IMAGE FILE IN PRINTING allows you to save as an image file that maps you created, either in S-12 or 8.5x11 format
    • INCLUDE QR CODE is to show a QR code on the map.A code must be requested from the Options module. You can also personalize the QR Code from the QR Code module
    • INSTRUCTIONS, when checked a window with more details on how to save a map is displayed. When unchecked, a compact form of the window is shown



When saving a map (previous section) the image is displayed in the box (image to be printed on territory cards)

  • The ADD button allows you to choose a map that you have created with another software or is saved on your computer
  • The REMOVE button removes the association between the map and the territory
  • The FOLDER button opens the folder where all the maps are saved
  • The REFRESH button is used if the map is not automatically displayed after saving
  • The PRINT button is to print on either S-12 cards or 8.5x11. On S-12 cards, the city and territory numbers are added. 8.5x11 are printed from the your default image editor
  • The SIZE field allow you to quickly adjust the image size to fit on an S-12 card