Adding personalised fields

 You can add up to 5 personalised fields from the Extra fields menu under the Homes tab

These extra fields will be available in the Web application and in the Addresses module of the Desktop application. Note: these fields do not appear in the Complete List or Datasheet menus

To add an a personalised field

  1. Click the box in the Activate columns
  2. Enter the name of the personalised field in the Description column. Note: This description does not change when the user changes the application's language
  3. Select a Type from the dropdown list

Type definitions


  • Clicking on the field will start composing an email, and the system will validate it is a valid email address when entering a new value
  • List of publishers

  • A dropdown list displaying the names in the Publishers module. The user cannot add new names from this field, the Publisher name must already exist.
  • Phone

  • Clicking on the field will start dialling. The phone format is defined in the Options module
  • Text

  • A free form field. The dropdown list includes everything entered so far in the text field, adding a new text will add to the dropdown list next time it is being used.
  • Hyperlink

  • Clicking on the field will open the link. Can be used to link to other sites, may be useful to sign language field where a link to a social network may assist in their work

  • Note: You can exclude an additional field from a layout from the Layout modules under Options

    Applies to version 5.2.0001 or later