Web Options

  The four (4) options menu of the Web application assist in adapting the application behaviour to your congregation's needs.


This section lets you set email addresses and messages, phone and address formats, number of days for late territories, hyperlink color, default settings when assigning and returning territories, as well as showing/hiding buttons for the publishers

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Generate territories

This section is if you are not printing the territories from the desktop application, but create a new list for the publishers when assigning a territory (which is referred to as GENERATING a territory). This section lets you set which codes, languages to include/exclude from the territory, as well as which code is considered DO NOT CALL and to display the text with a strike-through.

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This section lets you decide which one of the seven (7) available layouts are displayed for each of the five (5) territory types. It also lets you exclude Personalized fields from specific layous.

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This setting for unique for each user. Changing the value does not affect other users or publishers

The box Automatically return to the list after updating an address applies when a user edits an address and clicks the Update button

  • When selected; the user returns to the address list, continuing where he was last
  • When unselected; the message Updated Successfully is displayed and the user must click the Return button to return to the address list

Applies to version 5.2.0003 or later