Modify an existing address

There are multiple methods to modify existing addresses; below are the different available methods

Large number of addresses

If you have a large number of addresses to modify, you may use the export feature, under the Import/Export tab and Addresses menu.

  • Select a territory number or check the All box. Note: if you have a very large number of addresses, it may be easier to select one territory at the time
  • Click the Export button. The Excel file will open automatically.
  • Modify the information. Important Note: The first and second row must not be modified or deleted, as well as the W columns (homesID) must not modified or deleted.
  • Save and close your file.

Once your file is completed, you can import your modifications by going to the Import menu under that Home tab, or the Import menu under that Import/Export tab tab

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From the desktop application

You may filter the addresses by going to the Search menu under the Home tab. Making the list shorter and easier to manage.

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The Search opens one of the following modules, or you can open the module directly to display all addresses

Addresses menu under the Home tab

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Complete List menu under the Home tab

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Datasheet menu under the Home tab

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From the web application

By the territory servant or their assistant

  • List the addresses by going to the Addresses menu and clicking the Search button
  • Fill out the desired fields and click the Search button
  • Click on the Edit button beside the address to be modified
  • Modify the information and click on the Update button
Note: You may set the behaviour of the application when clicking the Update button from the Personal Options.

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By the publishers

The publishers may modify the addresses that are included in the territory that they are assigned, except for the territory number and the street name.

Depending on the layout currently displayed, the method to modify the information may vary slightly, but the principle remains the same. The Language button (or the button with the language icon) allows to modify only the language. The Edit button (or the button with the pencil icon)

The Extra fields also have a button with a pencil icon, that allows to modify only the information for that field (instead of listing all fields).

You may verify the modified addresses by clicking Synchronise under the Website tab or retrieve a list by clicking on the Verification menu under the Website tab

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Applies to version 5.0.0038 or later