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How to print territories

and the upload of maps 

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The Territories Printing module has been designed to print your house-to-house records, create maps locally under c:\multi-terr\webpages or upload them to the website.

 Additional information:

Exclude All Addresses in the Local Congregation's Language

  • When checked the addresses in the local congregation's language are not printed. This box may be useful for special survey campaigns.

Exclude Addresses Without Codes in the Local Congregation's Language

  • When checked, only the addresses in the local congregation's language that have an associated code are printed. This box is useful when a congregation wants to print only the addresses that are NOT to be covered.

Exclude Language description from comments

  • When unchecked, the language description is concatenated with the comments.

Include code even if language is not selected

  • When unchecked, the addresses displayed match both the code and language selections
  • When checked, the addresses displayed match only code selection regardless of the language selection

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