Options is located under the Navigation tab, and Setup grouping

Allow door deletion with territory

  • When checked; you are allowed to delete territories and the addresses associated to the territory in one step, from the Properties & Maps module
  • When unchecked; you are not allowed to delete territories that has associated addresses (this option is more secure)

The Enter key triggers the search

  • When checked; pressing Enter in any fields of the Search windows will trigger the search
  • When unchecked; the SEARCH button must be clicked to trigger the search 

Manually define the sort order of all addresses

  • When checked; you can define the sort order of the addresses. For example: 2, 4, 6, could become 6, 2, 4. This option us accessed by clicking on the Street order button in the Complete List or Properties & Maps modules
  • When unchecked; the numbers are printed in numerical order or grouped by odd and even (depending on setting). Note: The address button in the Street Order module is invisible if this option is unchecked

Do not group addresses by odd and even

  • When checked; addresses are displayed in numerical order
  • When unchecked; addresses are grouped by odd and even numbers. (Example: 1,3,5 and 2,4,6)
    • Note: You must also disable this option in your printing form (if you are using one of the S-8 excel template)

[Import] Confirm the spelling of street name

Send backup files to Multi-Terr

  • When checked; a copy of your database is sent to the Multi-Terr team at the same time as your backup is created
    • Note: In case of a computer crash, or any other unexpected events, this option will allow you to contact the Multi-Team in order to restore your database. The last five (5) copies will be kept.

Do not open Excel in the background

  • When checked; the house-to-house excel template is displayed in the foreground. Note: Normally the printing is done in the background, but under certain Microsoft Office settings, the macros are disabled when running in the background. If your computer prevents running macros in the background, check this option.

Include city in Street name

  • When checked; the city entered for the address in the Complete List module will printed after the street name
    • Note: You can use the field Text to display before and after the city add use spaces or characters between the street and city
  • When unchecked; the city is not printed after the street name

Phone Format

  • Select the phone format appropriate to your country. If the format is not part of the list, simply type it the way you want to see your phone numbers (for example: [99] 9999.9999). If you do not wish to have the phone numbers formatted, leave this field blank and you will be allowed to enter your own text in the telephone field of the Complete List module.

Email Request

  • This option is used if you would like to make your maps available on-line and to add the ability to have QR codes
    • Click on the button to request your own space on the Multi-Terr server
    • The Multi-Terr team will reply within 48 hours with the information that must be entered in the QR codes and maps website and confirmation code fields

News Language

  • This option determines the language used in the News module

Use different colors when listing multiple lines

  • When checked; the color will alternate between each line to facilitate reading
  • When unchecked; all the rows are the same color

Buttons with text or icon

  • This option to change the appearance of the buttons
    • Click on the MODIFY button to select a new color or shape
    • Note: You can have additional colors by selecting a different theme


  • This option use to give new numbers to the pins on the maps. You may need to use this option if you have deleted addresses from your database and would like the numbers to be sequential
    • Click on the RESET button to set new pin numbers for all territories
    • Note: You can reset the numbers for a specific territory from the Properties & Maps module

days between backup reminders

  • Enter the number days that will pass since the last back before a warning in displayed in the Validation window

days until territories are overdue

  • Enter the number days before a territory is displayed in the Late Territories module

Open maps with

  • This option is used to determine which map to display a specific address (Google, Bing or MapQuest)
    • Note: Maps with boundaries or with multiple addresses are always displayed in Google

Prompt for password when launching application

  • When checked; the user is prompted for password when opening Multi-Terr or switching database
    • Enter the password to be used 

Send forgotten password to following email

  • Enter the email where the password will be sent. (A link Forgot password is available in the login window)