By Email

You can send questions to the Multi-Terr support team by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: Due to the large number of users across all continents, each with their own time zone, phone or zoom calls are not possible. But our team constantly monitors emails and will reply as soon as possible.

Remote access with Team Viewer

Under certain circumstances our support team may require access to your computer, if the issue is not related to multi-terr application but other factors as such drivers, firewall, etc. Remote control support is done by appointment, our support team will make arrangements with you for a suitable time.

If you already have team viewer, you can send Your ID and password (the temporary password only). If you do not have team viewer installed, you can click on the link below and send the ID to the support team (Note: the password is already integrated and will not appear):

Important Note: The Team Viewer window must remained opened and the screensaver disabled. This does not install Team Viewer on your computer, it only remains in memory and remote access is completely disabled as soon as the window is closed.

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