×Additional help is available by 1) clicking on the menu name, 2) using the search at the top of this window or 3) from the multi-terr application by clicking on F1 from chosen menu or by clicking on the blue information button at the top right of any given window.

Sets the language. Current available languages are in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Tagalog, Italian, Greek and Korean.


Step-by-step instructions on how to configure Multi-Terr


Training Mode
Test and training database, allowing to try different functions without affecting live data


Powerful tool displaying reminders, automated processes, fixing data entry errors and much more.


Switch database
Easily switch between multiple databases, telephone territories, language groups, or database shared via VPN or DROPBOX. You can create new locations from the Locations menu.


Quickly locate addresses or filter by territory


Split window for addresses. The top part shows a single form view and the bottom part displays a datasheet view.


Complete List
Display all addresses in one list


Display all addresses in an Excel format with ability to filter columns


Properties & Maps
Create maps with QR code, print maps on S-12 cards, define the city, set personalized street order, and much more


Print house-to-house records on S-8 or 8.5x11 format. Upload maps to the website or Microsoft Streets and Trips


Print or save reports in Excel or PDF format


Allows you to upload ALL your maps to the multi-terr server (example: http://maps.multi-terr.com/demo )


Assigns addresses to the correct territory, especially useful when modifying territory boundaries


Share your congregation boundaries and contact information with all MT4 users.


Allows to set the territories' city and the map color in a continuous form


Displays all territories on one map without having to upload to website


Manage territories; check-in and check-out in one window


View past check-in/check-out by territory number, publisher or event


Report in S-13 format, listing the activity history


Quick view of territory coverage


Search and view details for a specific publisher


View all publishers in a continuous format.


Define your own text for late territories with emailed reminders.


Late Territories
View all late territories and email reminders to publishers.


Create your own codes to quickly filter addresses or display comments when printing. Example: Do not call , Evening only, etc.


The languages spoken by the householders in your territory, transferring doors to the proper congregation


Define your own boundaries, share them with others and track contact information of other congregations


Adapt the application's behavior and appearance to your preference


QR Code
Personalize your QR Code; size, position and color


View more button colors or select a new theme. You can download more themes from the download section


Decide how to send your emails: by using Outlook, the Multi-Terr email server, or your own email.


Option to find the latitude and longitude of a specific point by clicking on the map, which can then be copy/pasted into the application. The menu opens the site: http://maps.multi-terr.com


Text formatting
Standardize the data by changing it to UPPER CASE, lower case or Proper, all in one click


Sort all addresses and add missing pin numbers


Displays news and announcements


Import doors transferred from other congregations or research done on the internet


Import Assistant
This window is automatically generated by the import function, but allows you to view and manage automatic changes made by the import such as changing the street name for the spelling used by your congregation


Imports telephone territories


Option to load territories maps. Can also be done from the Properties & Maps module


Shortcut to open the Import folder


Export All
Send addresses of other languages to all proper congregations. The same option is available in the Validation module


Export by congregation
Sending addresses of other languages to one congregation at the time. This option is also available in the Congregations and Validation modules


Send Local Language
Send addresses of your assigned language to all congregations. This is practical for language groups that rely on internet searches for generating territories. It avoids multiple visits to the same householder.


Error List
List of all addresses given after an export procedure was requested for which other congregation's information does not exist.


Shortcut to open the Export folder


Email Request
Ability to send mass emails filtered by import date


Define your own text to be included in the Email Request module


Creating additional databases. For example: Telephone territories, business territories or share your database on your VPN or DROPBOX. You can toggle between them from the Switch Database button


Create a copy of your database. The validation window also reminds you if a backup has not been made for a certain number of days


Shortcut to open the folder where your database has been copied. It contains sub-folders with the date and time of each copy, so that a restore can be done from a specific point in time


For advanced users: Create your own SQL scripts, query, update or to delete your data


Database Encryption
Sets an encryption and password to local databases