Upload is located under the Navigation tab, and Boundaries grouping

The upload module is designed to upload ALL your maps on the multi-terr server. Note: You must have previously requested a code from the Options modules

Include an index page

  • When checked; a page listing all your territories on the left side is created  (for example: http://maps.multi-terr.com/demo ) 
    • Link; the hyperlink indicates where the maps will be saved. You can click on the link to open the webpage directly.

Include Labels

  • When checked; the territory number is indicated on the master map 
  • Clicking on the configure button allows to define the appearance of the text on the territory map 

 Configure button

  • Size; represent the font size of the territory number. Note: The text remains the same size when zooming in and out.
  • Fill Color; represent the color around the territory number. Note: The color text of the territory number is the same as the map
  • Width; represent the width of the color around the territory number.

 Use filter from Printing module

  • When checked; only pins for the codes and languages that are selected in the Territory Printing module will be included on the map
    • Clicking on the (Details) diplays in green to codes and languages to be included, and in red the ones to be excluded from the map

Note: The Territory Printing module allows you to select which territories to upload and the Properties & Maps module also allows you to upload one map at the time.

For more information on the boundaries and pins, see the video in the Territory Printing help section.

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