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The Geocodes function is to set the latitude and longitude for addresses in your territory. Clicking on the FIX button in the Validation window will open the Geocode update module.

  • The first line indicates how many addresses do not have latitude and longitude
  • The second line indicates how many requests Google allows per period of 24 hours (once the maximum of 2500 requests is reached, you must wait 24 hours and repeat these steps)
  • The third line indicates how many requests you would like to process

If Google is unable to determine for certainty the latitude and longitude (because of different spelling or incomplete information), it returns multiple options. Multi-Terr does additional validation such as verifying which of these addresses are within your congregation boundaries. If still unable to determine which one is the correct address, the options returned by Google are displayed on the screen and you are prompt to manually select the correct one.

  • The address requested to Google is displayed beside the icon
  • Click the ACCEPT button beside the correct address
  • Click on the button with the globe image to see the address on Google Maps
  • If the correct address is not listed:
    • Click on the X to close the window
    • Make any necessary corrections in Multi-Terr (the address will be reprocessed the next time the Geocode update module is run)