Exchange between congregations

 Exchange between congregations is located under the Website tab, and Application grouping

This module is used to define the rules of the automatic exchange of addresses between congregations.

This is a test database. Do not share addresses with other congregations

Check this box if your data is only for test and do not wish to send the information to other congregations or if the laws in your country prevent you from sharing address information.

Note: the information is sent when the box is unchecked even if you do not have the receiving congregation information in your database

Prompt before syncing with other congregations

Check this box if you want to decide when to send and receive addresses from other congregations

Leave all new addresses in a temporary territory

Check this box if you want to manually assign an address received from another congregation, to a territory. All addresses will be added to the territory # ^TEMP^ and displayed in the Validation window. When unchecked, the application detects the territory based on maps or existing addresses.

Add all addresses (sent from other congregations)

Use this option if all your addresses are in the same database.

Only add addresses that already exist

Use this option for your secondary database. For example: if you have a telephone territory database and you want to add apartment numbers to existing buildings, but not add new buildings

Do not add addresses that contain the following code

Use this option if you have multiple databases, for example business or telephone. This option would be used in the main database. For example: One building is in a different database for telephone territory. You would leave the civic number and street name (with no apartment number) in your main database, with the same code as the dropdown list beside. Any new apartment numbers belonging to that building would not be added.

Do not add any addresses when syncing

Use this option for your secondary databases, if you wish to manually transfer addresses from your main database.

Example of setup of multiple databases

In this example: you have two databases, one for your regular house-to-house and one for your telephone territories

    In your house-to-house database

  • In your house-to-house territory
  • Create a code; telephone
  • Associate the code telephone to the address that is in the telephone database (do not enter any apartment number)
  • Select the option Do not add addresses that contain the following code and select telephone from the dropdown list
  • In your telephone database

  • Select the option Only add addresses that already exist

If you would like to have a list of addresses from your secondary database to add to your primary database, go to the SQL module and copy the line below into the box

select distinct addr1, addr2 from homes group by addr1, addr2

Applies to version 5.3.0003 or later