Sharing databases

×IMPORTANT NOTE: The last few versions of Dropbox has been detecting conflicts even when a user is working alone. WE NO LONGER RECOMMEND USING DROPBOX WITH MULTI-TERR

 Sharing databases with multiple users

The desktop database can be shared with multiple users, but an important point to keep in mind is that each user must install the desktop application on their own computer and the only files to be shared are terrdb.accdb and terrdb2.accdb. OneDrive may be used to share the databases, but we strongly recommend to limit the use of the application to one user at the time in order to avoid conflicts.


Because some of these shared folder tools are not true multi user applications, at times you may get conflicts if two users are working on the same information at the same time. Therefore, whenever possible we recommend creating web users when it is possible to do specific assignments online instead of using the desktop application (such as assigning territories, sending late reminders, updating addresses)

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