Languages is located under the Navigation tab, and References grouping

How to add languages

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Use to list the languages spoken by householders in your territory, this module is also used to transfer doors to the proper congregation.Note: Do not create your congregation's language

How to add a new language:

Option 1 (detect automatically):

  1. Click the FIND ALL button to add all languages that share your boundaries (the foreign language congregation must have previously shared their contact information)

Option 2 (add manually):

  1. Select a language from the drop down list (Note: This field is a standard to correctly identify the languages of other congregations)
  2. (optional) Modify the auto-generated code (between 1 and 3 digits) and the internal code to your preference
  3. Click on the Find Congregation button to retrieve congregations of that language that share your boundaries

How to delete a language:

  1. Click on the language you want to delete
  2. Click on the Edit tab
  3. Click on the Delete button

The Doors column indicates how many addresses are associated to the language, clicking the button to the right will list those addresses.

The Cong. column indicates how many congregations are associated to the language, clicking the button to the right will display those congregations. Note: If the number is 0, the system will not be able to determine where to send the addresses for this language.